What is in a name?

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I probably should have posted this as my very first post, but I wanted to share the meaning behind the name of this blog….

When I was single, I looked at most stay-at-home-moms with envy and thought they had it pretty easy.  It seemed like a kind of cushy job… never having to put on make-up, fix their hair, or wake up to an alarm clock.  To me, being a full-time mom looked more like PLAY than work.

Then I became a mom.  And I realized that the reason most moms don’t wear make-up or fix their hair is because they don’t have enough time!  They don’t wake up to an alarm clock because they’ve been up with the baby all night and are awake before most lights are on in the neighborhood.

Managing a home, training and parenting a child, making time for husbands, and trying to make ends meet on one income is a lot of WORK!  So that’s who this blog is dedicated to… all you amazing moms… including those of you moms who work outside of the home… I honestly don’t know how you do it all!

So there you go… Stay At Home Work… a blog for anyone who wants to glean wisdom for life from moms who’ve gone before us!


3 thoughts on “What is in a name?

    • Ha! Love the one husband comment. :-) Candy is one awesome mom and wife to her wonderful family isn’t she!

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