Leaving the Kids at Grandma’s

So this is our first weekend away as a couple without the baby!  I know, 20 months is a long time to wait to do that!  But, up until 2 months ago we were living in another state FAR away from our family.  We are just now enjoying the benefits of having Grandma and Granddad nearby.

It is soooo nice to be able to leave our little guy with my parents who we totally trust.  And it is wonderful to see our son soaking up the love and attention from them, so much so that he hardly notices when we go out the door!


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We have noticed, though, that it is still necessary to talk about expectations and communicate our parenting style to avoid hurt feelings or uncomfortable situations.  So, before we left for the weekend, I decided to write down some of the “rules” and routines that we have set and talked through it with my parents.  Most of it they already knew, but I think it helped me to be able to feel like I’d done my part and could then release him to their care.

I found a great article about leaving your children with the grandparents (especially for the first time) which helps identify potential problem areas that can be avoided with some simple communication and planning:

When Grandparents Babysit — 5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Grandparents Babysit.

What has been your experience with leaving the kids with your parents?


3 thoughts on “Leaving the Kids at Grandma’s

  1. My youngest child was five years old before my mom moved close enough to babysit. I kinow I’ve babysat for a grandchild so their parents could out for dinner or just spend some time alone and I felt they greatly appreciated it, or at least they said they did.

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