Save time at the grocery store

One thing that I’ve learned as a mom is that every minute is precious!  I want to maximize my time with my family, so that means I’m always looking for ways to decrease the amount of time I have to spend on daily tasks.  One of the ways I’ve learned to do that is by getting organized before I go grocery shopping.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone grocery shopping only to get to the last aisle and realize I had missed several items on my list along the way!  Ugh!  What a pain to now have to back-track all over the store and waste more precious time!

Then one day as I was walking into the grocery store, I noticed on the display below the weekly sale ads they had a pamphlet which had a map of the store layout!  All of a sudden I realized that I could “map out” my shopping trips and save a lot of time!

I went home and created a grocery list that was categorized by aisle according to how items are organized in my store.  Here’s a picture of one of the pages:

So instead of writing my grocery list onto one long piece of paper that was not categorized at all, I started writing down my list into an organized format.  That way I could quickly see the things I needed in a particular aisle and they wouldn’t get lost in the jumble of the entire list.

It does take a little extra planning before you get to the store, but it really saves a lot of time and energy in the end!  If you’d like to use my grocery list, you can download it here:

Example Grocery List (with categories)

I also created a blank list where you can write in your own categories based on how the aisles in your grocery store are arranged:

Blank Grocery List

I hope this will help you save time and energy that you can use with your family instead!  :)


5 thoughts on “Save time at the grocery store

  1. I actually have ours all typed up, and then arranged by aisle, but with the items typed out. We hang it on the fridge and as we run out of things, or think of things, we can just highlight it. Then I just go over it before leaving, I can write C next to things we have coupons for…
    I also have a weekly “chart” at the bottom to plan out our meals for the week too or any other extras, like snack week at schools, etc.
    It saves a TON of time, writing, and more.

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