Save 50% on groceries!

For over 10 years now my job has required that I fundraise for my entire salary.  That has meant that I’ve had to learn to trust God to provide for all of my needs… and He has in some amazing ways!  But it has also meant that I’ve had to learn to live on a modest budget.  Thankfully I married a man who is also frugal and wants to be wise in how we spend money.  We had to get even more serious about cutting our expenses 7 months ago when my husband lost his job.

I wasn’t sure how we would be able to cut back, but then I attended a MOPS meeting at our church last January and there I learned about Couponing.  That was something I never really wanted to do because it seemed like it would take a lot of time and only save like 50 cents or something.  But the lady who taught the class that day shared that she was feeding her family of six on less money than what my husband and I were spending each month on groceries!  That got my attention and I thought it was worth giving it a try… and it has paid off!  Over the past year we have saved on average around 50% on our grocery bill!

I’m in no way an expert in coupons and am definitely NOT an extreme couponer, but I do believe it can be a great way to cut back on expenses in an essential area.  So I thought I’d start a little series on some of the steps to getting started with coupons.  I hope you will also share some of the things you have learned or experienced as well!

Amy's Kitchen Freebie Coupons

PART 1: Coupon Sources

In order to use coupons, you have to GET coupons from somewhere!  :)

The best place to get coupons is the Sunday newspaper.  In order to really save you need to have multiple coupons.  The rule of thumb is to get one Sunday paper per member of your household.  Many newspapers will give you a discount on your subscription if you order multiple copies.

You can also print coupons from the internet or download eCoupons to your mobile phone or store savings card.  Here is a link to a list of coupon websites:  Internet Coupon Sources.  Most websites will allow you to print two copies of the same coupon.

Do you know of some other good sources of coupons?  If so, please share!

Stay tuned for PART 2… Organizing Your Coupons!


11 thoughts on “Save 50% on groceries!

  1. How exciting for you! I have been stuggling to stay within our grocery budget and February (glad it was a short month), I am finally going to do it. Woo Hoo! I am looking forward to seeing how you organize!

  2. I get frustrated with coupons because either it requires you to buy 4 of something or 6…and we don’t have room or time to consume it — OR — I find that the store brand is cheaper to begin with, and buy it instead, wasting the time I spent trying to collect.

    One thing we are going to try is Aldi. Surprisingly my DH used to be the regional manager for there….I’m surprised we haven’t really shopped there before. But the one near us is a nice one. We know that we won’t always get everything on our list from there, but hopefully it will save us a lot. We also have found that super Target typically has the best prices on some things — juice, frozen dinner type items, etc. There isn’t one by us, but one by his work, so when it’s cold enough out, he can shop there for stuff.

    • I like Aldi too! We didn’t have those in AZ, but they have them here and we’ve gone a few times. Some of their stuff is just as cheap as you could get brand items with a coupon.
      You’re right that you have to be really strategic in looking at expiration dates and find a place to store your stockpile in order to make it all work and save some real money. I hope to address that in coming posts… stay tuned! :)

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