Living Room Before and After

I haven’t posted in awhile because we’ve been busy with projects around the house!  Last week we had our living room/dining room painted so we were finally able to put up curtains, hang pictures on the wall, and buy an area rug.  It feels so much cozier now!  It is still in process, but I thought I would post some photos because I need your help!

Here are some photos of the living/dining room before we moved in:

We asked them to take up the carpet to expose the wood floors underneath and to remove the corner cabinet.  We changed the hanging light (though we still need to center it properly) and the curtain rods.  We kept the TV cabinet because we sold our entertainment center when we left Arizona.

Here are some after/in-progress photos:

I want to get some new end tables – these wicker ones don’t work well for holding your drink!  Also, my son loves knocking them over onto their side and rolling them around the floor.  :)  I also plan to find a different spot for the TV trays…

We went with a yellow color for the walls (Behr Yellowstone) and green curtains.  I decided on the color palette brown, yellow and green.  I’m not 100% on the area rug, but it was the best we could find for now without breaking our budget, plus taking into consideration we have a 2-year-old!

Here’s where I need your help: We want to get another couch or large cozy chair for this corner of the room.  What color/shape/style do you think would work best?  I was thinking possibly a tan color (like the center of the area rug).  My husband wants to be sure the material is stain resistant.  :)

I couldn’t find ANY hanging lamps that plug into an outlet.  The only thing I could find were hanging lights that could be used with a paper lantern or lamp shade.  So I ended up buying a large floor lamp shade and hanging it upside down!  :)

Oops.. in the first photo I forgot the pillows!  I tried to tie in the green, yellow, and brown with the pillows, too.

We hope to eventually paint all the trim and doors white, but that will be a project for a future time…. Right now we are working hard on the kitchen cabinets, so I will try to post some photos when we get those done!


8 thoughts on “Living Room Before and After

  1. The wood floors look nice. You really modernized the place; looks great. I’m all for neutral colors. They are warm and inviting and you can always add color accents.

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  3. This looks fantastic! So updated and I love the colors! How fun to get to picture your new home. Xoxo


  4. LOVE what you’ve done – and in such a short time! My vote is for a big club chair covered in a colorful pattern fabric. Re-Sale Shops are a great place to hunt. Club chairs are a great choice for curling up to read, and can always be covered with a neutral throw while young ones still have sticky hands :) :)

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