Our New Love Seat

You may remember from my previous post about our Living Room, that we were on the look-out for a piece of furniture that would give us more sitting room, but not crowd the room.  Because we already had two pieces of chocolate brown leather furniture, I wanted to find something a little lighter and in a fabric that would brighten the room a bit.  But, because we have a 2-year-old, I didn’t want it to be too light and my husband wanted to be sure it would be stain-resistant!  :)

We spent a full day going from one furniture store to the next (we visited two with the toddler in tow and then realized it would be a more pleasant experience for all if daddy stayed home with him during nap time and mommy continued looking).  I think we went to five stores and I brought home swatches of fabric from three of them.  We had a dollar amount in mind that we could spend, but a lot of the ones that I liked and thought would match the best were over that….  We prayed that the Lord would help us to be wise and good stewards of what he’s given us, to find something that we would enjoy, would be practical, and wouldn’t be over budget.  It was starting to feel like that might be an impossible task, but then we saw this one:

It was in our price range, the right color, and they could treat it with a stain resistant spray that comes with a 5-year guarantee!  Plus because it was Mother’s Day weekend, they gave us an extra 10% off and free delivery!  Yay!

But the best part for me was after we got home, I went back to my Pinterest board to compare the love seat with some of the ideas I’d found online… and it was the exact one I’d pinned over a month ago!  That really spoke God’s love to me and reminded me that He will provide for all of our needs.  So now I think of God’s love when I think of our new love seat.  :)


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