My baby just turned 2 years old!  I can’t believe what a big boy he is now and how much he has changed in such a short time!  But it is also fun to see what has stayed the same… like his love of things that spin.  :)  When he was old enough to crawl, he started to get into mommy’s kitchen cabinets and pull out plastic bowls which he would then spin on the floor for what seemed like hours and hours!  That has since morphed into a love for wheels and vehicles of all kinds.  So, in celebration of his 2nd birthday, we decided on a transportation party theme.

All of the inspiration for the party came from Pinterest (have I mentioned how much I love that website?!?).

I was first drawn to this transportation clip art on Etsy:

I loved the colors and the wide assortment of vehicles.  Plus I loved the price… only $5! :)

I then found a few invitations that I liked and sent them to my creative and talented sister-in-law at MyFlutterbies who made us custom invitations using the clip art (I erased our personal info, but you get the idea):

We had both a friends party and a family party, so we did two different invitations:

I continued to use the clip art to decorate for the party.  I made cupcake toppers by printing on round labels and using a 2″ circle cutter to cut out construction paper and stuck them on top of lollipop sticks.  I also happened to find some transportation baking cups which was very exciting!  I’m a total amateur at decorating with icing, so I went to the Wilton website for a quick how-to for easy cupcake decorating.  Here’s the finished product, I made some vanilla and some chocolate.

I also used the clip art to create a homemade banner and also used more round labels to spruce up plain blue cups from the dollar store.  We were thankful for nice weather and a big shade tree in our backyard for the friends’ party:

I was inspired by other pins I found on Pinterest to print out various road signs to place around the yard and my husband made hopscotch with sidewalk chalk and drew a different vehicle in each of the squares (he is quite the artist)!

We played a game of Red Light, Green Light with the kids and I had planned on playing the song “Wheels on the Bus” but forgot. :(

Each of the guests got a goodie bag decorated like a stoplight before they went home.  I made them out of brown lunch bags and made use of the 2″ circle cutter and construction paper to make the red, yellow and green “lights”.   I made my own labels for the bubbles and attached a note using the clip art once again.  I filled them with various transportation themed items which I found both online and at the dollar store:

Some great memories were made and the kids had fun… and so did Mommy and Daddy! :)


One thought on “Ready-2-Go!

  1. What a great party! You really outdid yourself. Such cute decorations and the cupcakes were adorable! I can’t believe Jadon is two either. I still need to get his gift in the mail. Miss you guys!

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