Kids Room: Before and After

Here’s another peek into our home and some of the changes we have made in order to make it feel our own.

There are three bedrooms: one we are using as a guest room (which I wrote about in a previous post), one is the master bedroom, and one is our two-year-old son’s room.  Here are some photos of the room before we moved in:

We had the carpet removed to expose the wood floors and just got the walls painted last week – a light blue.  Again, my thought in picking out the paint was that we would do the trim in white, so it looks a little more pale against the darker wood than I had planned.  But I still love the color… it’s called “Fresh Day” and it makes me think of being outdoors in the sunshine!  :)

Here are some rare photos of the room WITHOUT toys strewn all over the floor!  Ha!

My son loves to watch YouTube videos with Daddy on the computer and one of his favorites is Shawn the Train.  Daddy found the Wall Decals of the alphabet train on Amazon which we thought would be fun and educational.  We found a fun rug at Target with roads and vehicles that was on sale!  I reused some cubes I had stored at my parents’ house from college.  We just got a couple of fabric storage bins to hide small toys like blocks, hot wheels, Little People, etc. also from Target (I love that store!).

We reused a hanging lamp from IKEA (another favorite store!) and put some glow-in-the-dark stars on his ceiling that I found in the dollar bins at Target.  We thought it might make it look like the night sky with stars and a moon.  :)  I think we need another shelf or something for some of his bigger toys now (especially after his recent birthday and all the presents he got)…

We also hung up an Eric Carle Growth Chart I got FREE by saving codes off the the tops of his baby yogurt!  :)  And we were able to add a fresh measurement to the chart from his 2-year-old well visit.  He was 36 1/4 inches tall!  According to this height calculator, it’s predicted that he will be 6 feet 2 inches at age 18!

How have you decorated your kids room?


2 thoughts on “Kids Room: Before and After

  1. Wow – what a transformation! What an awesome room for Jadon! This looks so bright and fresh. Lots more room than he had before! Would love to play with him in here. Hugs!

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