Master Bedroom: Before and After

It’s amazing how much color affects your mood!  I went with the same wall color that we put in our son’s room, a light blue, and I absolutely love it!  It’s so calming and refreshing.  And I love how it brightens up the chocolate browns we had in both our furniture and bedding.

Here are some before and after photos of the room.  (The before photos were taken when we were visiting in January for my husband’s final job interview which is why our luggage and things are strewn all over the room!)

We didn’t do too much to the room structurally other than paint the walls and put up a different curtain rod.

I found the accent pillow at Target which had the same blue in it that I wanted for the wall!  The rug was a cheap find at TJ Maxx/Home Goods, but had the browns and blues as well as a flower pattern, so I went with it.

I am not one to recommend having a computer desk in your bedroom, but that is the only thing we could make work right now.  We reused wedding photos and our marriage license as wall decor.  After all, it was my one day in life to be a princess, so it’s kind of fun to have the photos around to remind me what a wonderful day that was!  :)

The curtains are my favorite and were sort of a splurge from World Market.  They are ice blue and the design on them is actually a dark grey, but with all the brown in the room, it looks brown.  I got a little cube organizer and wicker drawers to hold my beauty items (hair care, makeup, jewelry, etc) because our bathroom doesn’t have an electrical outlet, so this is where I have to get ready in the morning.

Ahhhhh.  That’s how I feel now when I’m in our bedroom.  It’s just so much cozier and I feel like I’m actually sleeping better!


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