Laundry and Bath Rooms Before and After

I’m back!  Sorry I kind of dropped off the map there for a month or so.  Things have gotten busier over the last month now that we are officially “settled” in our new home.  We’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to have people over more and I love being able to grow in the gift of hospitality.

But, I wanted to share with you the final two rooms that were painted all in the same day!  The rooms are both small so I thought I would post about them together.

Here is the laundry room before and after.



Not a lot has changed, other than the curtains I made myself!  I’m pretty proud of them considering they are the first successful sewing project I’ve completed since my high school home economics class.  Just don’t look too closely because one panel is slightly longer than the other.  Note to self: measure curtains against each other before sewing the final panel.  :)  I was inspired by this pin on Pinterest that made it looks so easy to sew curtains.  I found the fun fabric at Joann’s for 40% off!  Oh, and notice the new food dehydrator that I found at Aldi this week!  I’m excited to try drying some fruit as healthy snacks for our son!

Ok, enough about the laundry room.  On to the bathroom…



My husband installed some very bright bulbs in the bathroom which are great for seeing yourself in the mirror, but don’t make for great photographing (at least not with our point and shoot camera).  I forgot to mention that we used the same grey color paint as we did in the guest room for both the bathroom and laundry room walls.

I went with a monochromatic theme for the bathroom with various shades of brown.  I love patterns, so I’m really happy with the wall art I found.  We reused a shelf we had in our bathroom before, but I had my husband spray paint it bronze (it was grey).  We also reused the shower curtain and towels which were gifts from our wedding registry!  But my favorite part is the jar of rocks.  They are rocks that my grandmother collected and polished as a hobby.  She kept them in that mason jar and I cherish it as a memory of her and her love for nature.

So what updates have you made to your home recently?


2 thoughts on “Laundry and Bath Rooms Before and After

  1. So sweet that you are growing in the gift of hospitality!! Surely God has wired us all uniquely!! Grateful for your gift! ;) And LOVE all room updates!!

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