Kitchen Curtains

So another thing that I’ve had more time for in the past two weeks is sewing!  I got a new sewing machine a couple of months ago and got two free sewing lessons with my purchase, so I’ve been looking forward to an opportunity to get some projects going.

I had made one set of curtains for our laundry room, learned some things in the process, and have wanted to make some curtains for our kitchen, too.  Not long ago I finally found some material that I thought would work well and was on clearance!  So since I didn’t have to do any grocery shopping last weekend, I actually had a block of time during our son’s nap to get them done!

Here is how they turned out.  What do you think?

I like the green and brown and yellow… very pear-like.  :)

This is our new pre-preschool corner which has been brightened up by the curtains.

And my ever-talented sister-in-law is working on the perfect pear picture to replace the painting…

What do you think?


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