So looking through my past blogs, I realized that I’ve spent a lot of time blogging about food! Ha!  You can tell where my priorities lie…  :)

Well, I thought I’d mix it up a bit and share a bit about what takes up most of my time… being a mom!  It is a real privilege to be able to stay home with our 2-year-old son.  There are some days when I feel a little alone and miss the adult conversation I enjoyed when I worked full-time, but when I think long-term and how quickly these early years of his life are going to pass by (and already have!) then I remember how blessed I am!

Not that it is easy… In contrast, it has been one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever had!  And proves to be increasingly challenging as he grows and changes!  Most recently the challenge has been finding activities that will help him learn, challenge but not frustrate, and keep him from being bored and asking to watch Veggie Tales DVDs.

I’m not one who is very good at coming up with ideas or structuring things for myself, but I realize that I need structure and do better with it.  So, I asked for help (which isn’t easy for me to do)!  I have some good friends who are homeschooling moms (a.k.a. superwomen) and so I went to them for their advice.  I got some great suggestions, but still was looking for something more ready-made like a curriculum, yet still taking into consideration that he is only 2 years old and not wanting to push the academics too much just yet.  That’s when another mom friend of mine posted about a FREE curriculum she was starting with her 3-year-old: ABC Jesus Loves Me.  The price seemed right… so I checked out the website and was excited to see that they have a 2-year-old curriculum!

So this past week was our first week of “pre-preschool” and we are loving it so far!

Our son has been loving the use of the flannel graph for the Bible story, already progressed in his coloring ability (and tolerance), and I can see him comprehending and remembering the things we are working on!  Yay!  It feels so great to have a plan and some activities that he enjoys and are helping him learn.

That, along with the discovery of Play-Doh.  Who knew that this simple toy would entertain a 2-year-old for OVER AN HOUR!  We now have daily Play-Doh time while mommy makes dinner!  :)

I will say that if I wouldn’t have made a monthly meal plan, then I wouldn’t have had as much time to focus on preschool.  So I guess I did have to mention food in this blog post as well!  :)


3 thoughts on “Pre-Preschool

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  2. Congrats on your first pre- preschool. I am looking forward of more from your post. I am sure that your child is really enjoying. Thanks for sharing and keep posting!

  3. Yes, I agree with Charice. Congrats to the proud parents. Thanks for sharing and keep posting. I am sure that your kid will do great at school.

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