I don’t know about you, but whenever I have to fill out a questionnaire about myself and it comes to the section “Hobbies”, I pretty much draw a blank.  For some reason “sleep” doesn’t seem like an appropriate answer, but in all honesty since our 2-year-old was born, that is the thing I most look forward to when I have free time!  Ha!

But at the beginning of this year I was challenged to find some things I like to do that refresh and recharge me and cut out things that deplete me emotionally.  So I’m working on a list of things I can truly call my hobbies:

  • Reading – I mostly read books that inspire me in my spiritual walk or that are a practical help in areas like parenting, marriage, relationships, etc.  I very seldom read fiction… I think it is something about my personality that has a hard time doing things that aren’t “purposeful” in my mind.  But when I am on a plane or lying on a beach with “time to kill”, I can sometimes give myself permission to read something more fun.
  • Blogging – So this is something very new for me and I wouldn’t say I’m that good at it, but I find that the process of writing down my thoughts and sharing my experiences with others is really satisfying for me somehow.  I’ve always enjoyed journaling (when I’ve taken the time to do it), so I think this is similar for me, just in a public (and a bit less personal) format.
  • Creating – I guess I will just lump this all into one category, but it takes various forms.  I have a hard time committing and can easily become bored when it comes to projects, so I kind of “dabble” in a variety of things.  Most of these things are just interests and I would like to learn more about, but I enjoy cooking, decorating, photography, design, sewing, knitting, and collage.  I do these things more for my own personal therapy as I learned when I went through the book The Artist’s Way that the process of doing art is more important than the product.  :)
  • Organizing – My husband will laugh at this one because I am so much less organized than he!  And I admit that most of the clutter around our home is mine (well, other than the toys on the floor ;).  But, I do enjoy when everything has its place and I think I function best when I have a plan.  That’s why I’ve been so excited about starting a monthly meal plan and finding a preschool curriculum to use because it helps me feel more prepared, less stressed, and frees my time for more of the hobbies in this list!
  • Exercising – I’m not sure I can honestly call this a “hobby” as in something I jump at the chance to do it when I have free time.  But, it is something that refreshes and replenishes me once I do it, so I’m adding it to the list.  Over the years I’ve enjoyed team sports like basketball and softball in high school, hiking and walking when I lived overseas, Pilates and weights when I was single and could afford a gym membership, and most recently I’ve had fun trying Zumba.  I love exercising with others most, but have found it hard to consistently do that especially with a toddler and trying to live frugally.  So I was inspired by some friends who have successfully completed the Couch to 5K program and have been jogging (or more accurately “shuffling”) for the past 3 months.  I’m working toward running a 5K in just 3 weeks!

Here’s evidence of my new sewing hobby:

I made a tag blanket for my great-niece born just 4 days ago!

What are some of your hobbies?


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