Before & After

In March 2012, my husband got a new job as a pastor of a church in Ohio.  It was such an answer to prayer in many ways!  Part of the “package” included us getting to live in the parsonage rent-free!

The home had been used as a “mission house” where missionaries and guests have stayed for short periods of time.  We were given permission to paint and make some upgrades to make the place feel more like our own.  It has been a fun journey in decorating and doing some DIY projects for the first time!  Below are links to my posts with before and after photos of each room (the “before” photos were taken when we came for the final interview in January):

Living Room

Guest Room

Kids Room


Master Bedroom


Laundry Room




3 thoughts on “Before & After

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  2. Candy
    It’s so good to see the photos of your new house. It looks like it is ready for HGTV to feature! I love Jadon’s room!
    Hope all is going well in your life and work and also Marc’s work !
    Praying (with the Grannies)

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