For over 10 years now my job has required that I fundraise for my entire salary.  That has meant that I’ve had to learn to trust God to provide for all of my needs… and He has in some amazing ways!  But it has also meant that I’ve had to learn to live on a modest budget.  Thankfully I married a man who is also frugal and wants to be wise in how we spend money.  We had to get even more serious about cutting our expenses when my husband lost his job.

I wasn’t sure how we would be able to cut back, but then I attended a MOPS meeting at our church and there I learned about Couponing.  That was something I never really wanted to do because it seemed like it would take a lot of time and only save like 50 cents or something.  But the lady who taught the class that day shared that she was feeding her family of six on less money than what my husband and I were spending each month on groceries!  That got my attention and I thought it was worth giving it a try… and it has paid off!  Over the course of the first year of couponing we saved on average around 50% on our grocery bill!

I’m in no way an expert in coupons and am definitely NOT an extreme couponer, but I do believe it can be a great way to cut back on expenses in an essential area.  So I thought I’d do a little series on some of the steps to getting started with coupons.  I hope you will also share some of the things you have learned or experienced as well!

PART 1: Coupon Sources

PART 2: Organizing Coupons

PART 3: Deciding Where to Shop

PART 4: Play the Drug Store Game


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