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Laundry and Bath Rooms Before and After

I’m back!  Sorry I kind of dropped off the map there for a month or so.  Things have gotten busier over the last month now that we are officially “settled” in our new home.  We’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to have people over more and I love being able to grow in the gift of … Continue reading


My baby just turned 2 years old!  I can’t believe what a big boy he is now and how much he has changed in such a short time!  But it is also fun to see what has stayed the same… like his love of things that spin.  :)  When he was old enough to crawl, … Continue reading

Super Bowl Party Ideas

I love planning parties!  Practically everything I learned about being a good host I learned from all the wonderfully hospitable Bosnians who welcomed me into their homes over the years I lived there.  They really know how to throw a party! :) The coworkers in my department dubbed me the party planner and would look … Continue reading